A collaboration with Galgos del Sol to raise awareness for the situation of these dogs. We will donate 10% of every chain sold to help contribute to this organization.


The current situation of Galgos in Spain

Galgos are commonly used by hunters in the rural areas of Spain for both hunting and recreational hare coursing. They are considered disposable, and when the short hunting season ends each year, tens of thousands are abandoned or brutally killed by their owners, to whom these animals are no longer useful.

What is Galgos del Sol and how they collaborate?

Galgos del Sol is a rescue organization dedicated to ending the plight against this breed and to ensuring every abandoned galgo experiences a home life.

How do we help?

A chain re-action
At ALEYOLÉ we want to raise awareness of this awful situation. Our CEO has been to the refuge herself and seen how the galgos are saved and given a home. We have therefore decided to donate 10% of every chain sold to Galgos del Sol to help contribute to their cause.

ALEYOLÉ | Your jewelry brand
ALEYOLÉ | Your jewelry brand

Help raise awareness
Galgos need our help