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(My) Folklore. Charms Collection

Your story is important. And as it grows, so can your collection. Choose your charms and build the amazing story of you.



A capsule for those who want to spell it out! Go ahead, get literal with these charms. We’ve created the basics. The story you tell is up to you!


A capsule created for people who want with infinite possibilities.  Make them count! And make these charms yours.



Charms designed for those with fierce spirit but a tender heart



Dive inwards with this set of charms. 

Wear your favourites and go beyond thought. Go beyond yourself and feel the vibrations of pure awareness. 

This capsule was created for those who wish to transcend the trappings of day to day life. Choose your charms and channel the power flowing through the universe.



The most elegant way to celebrate your birth month, all year long. Designed for people who believe in their own innate powers, each birthstone carries a unique meaning and personal significance.

If you’re looking for a modern take on a tradition that goes back thousands of years, these charms are for you. 



Ancient wisdom believed all things on earth were made of combinations of the pure elements. 

The Elemental Voice capsule features Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Ready for you to combine into your own powerful story. 

Choose the charms that suit your style, and speak in symbols to the world.


HAPPY 90s 

This whimsical capsule was designed with all the fun and vibrance of the 90s. Choose charms evoking the decade that brought us bright geometric designs, Madonna, and of course the iconic hair scrunchie. 

Whether you’re a 90s kid or just love that retro aesthetic, put some Happy 90s in your story. 



Good luck is all about believing you’re lucky. It’s about making it for yourself. This capsule is for people who want to state a claim on good fortune. Today’s the day.

Choose your charms and tell the world you’re betting on luck this time.



This capsule was designed for those who want to make a splash. 

If you are the ocean... You are the wave. 

The small fish and the big pond. 

Let the voice of the sea speak through you with these water inspired charms.


Combine and Redefine!

Best Seller
Best Seller

Luxorious charms for jewelry available.

Buy your favourite jewelry charm design in ALEYOLÉ.

A charm is an object with a very special meaning for th

Luxorious charms for jewelry available.

Buy your favourite jewelry charm design in ALEYOLÉ.

A charm is an object with a very special meaning for the person who wears it. They are protective amulets that speak about their owner’s history. Of course, the charms for jewellery also have an aesthetic aspect, since, depending on how you combine it, can become your look’s centre of attention.
At ALEYOLÉ you will find many collections of Sterling Silver 925 and 18K gold plated charms for jewellery. Combine them with each other to tell your own story through your jewellery.

A charms for jewellery collection for every occasion

Would you like to tell your own story through your jewellery? At ALEYOLÉ we design each of our charms for jewellery to adapt to any situation and styles. Discover our letter capsule to write your story and the numbers capsule to take it to infinity. All our pieces are made in 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold plated and, some of our models, are decorated with coloured zircons, cultivated pearls and mother-of-pearls bases. At ALEYOLÉ we use natural stones in most of our pieces, since they bring elegance and a special shine to those who wears them.
Among our women's charms for jewellery collection, you will find pieces very different from each other, depending on the theme behind them. From designs inspired by the most nineties aesthetic such as Happy 90’s, to those based on the sea and the waves like the ones from the Lost Island capsule. The most spiritual capsules also stand out, like Higher Vibrations, Birthstones or Elemental Forces.
Choose the charms for jewellery that best represents you and mix them with the others to create unique combinations that will make you stand out on any occasion. At ALEYOLÉ we offer the most elegant and refined pieces, as well as more daring and casual ones so that, whatever the occasion, your combinations make your look shine even more.

Charms for jewellery and top quality chains

The best part about wearing women's charms or a combination of charms for jewellery, is its versatility. You can wear them as earrings, or combine them with chain necklaces or chain bracelets. In both cases, you will find most models both in 18K Gold and 925 Sterling Silver.
Whether you are thinking of giving charms for jewellery as a gift to someone special in your life or you want to wear them yourself, at ALEYOLÉ you will find pieces made with the highest quality materials and carefully designed, always respecting the minimalism that characterizes our brand. Our charms for jewellery are designed to accompany you throughout all your life, check our catalogue and find the one that best represents you.
Which one is your favourite?

Find the perfect charms for jewellery at ALEYOLÉ.

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